Porto Tour by the lens of Pedro Pulido

Our camp photographer, Pedro Pulido has also been guiding our guests to his city, Porto. He showed them the most iconic places in Porto keeping an eye on his lens registering the most amazing moments. This was one of the best no wind/waves activities that our guests took part.

The tour passed in many nice places, starting by a metro ride to the center of town to discover “Aliados“.

The ride continues to see some iconic places and people before a stop for Santini ice cream.

The tour passes by Casa da Musica and moves through all of Porto, one amazing place is FOZ, one of the most beautiful areas of the city. It’s there that the River Douro meats the Ocean. Perfect place for a wine sip.

In center Town you have to visit the Clérigos Church  and the amazing Lello book store that inspired the author of Harry Potter to write the book.

You will encounter a vibrant city, full of life, street performers and other amazing cultural places like the Bolhão Market. Watch the University student band the TUNA pass by with their tradicional costumes.

The ribeira and the D. Luis Bridge is a ultimate stop. This is the most iconic bridge of Porto. During the summer the local kids jump from the lower part of the bridge to the water. In Gaia side we go for some wine tasting and then a small trip by cable car to the top to check the views of this stunning city.

Porto is for sure an amazing place and worth the visit every time you come to our Portuguese Camp of Esposende, so in one of the days we organize this trip so you can discover the winner of the best European destination of 2014.

Porto Tour Pictures